product design:

Product rendering, CAD models, and animation.

With years of experience in industrial design, Girafft will help bring that great idea to fruition.


Access to resources globally to develop products in unlimited materials and possibilities.

marketing & design:


An innovative method of brand strategy/architecture, naming, research, regulatory and design services. Branding is paramount in the business world today; it creates awareness, drives perception, and improves desirability. Our mission in branding is for you to be remembered. Get noticed. Beat your competition. Capture your market. Wherever your product/service is in its lifecycle, Girafft offers tailored, cutting-edge identity solutions ensuring creativity, trademark risk awareness, regulatory insight and resonant design execution.

A company's brand is vital. Whether a product is new to the marketplace, reformulated to capture a new need, repositioned to reach a new market or a visual refresh to breathe new life into an already successful brand, Girafft provides the client with the expertise and execution to give a competitive advantage.

logo creation

Corporate logo design is an essential part of corporate identity. All well known, successful 'brand name' companies rely heavily on their logo design for recognition within their industry and among their customers. A professional logo design gives a company greater credibility among your prospective customers. Girafft takes the time to learn the company to help create the perfect logo.

digital design

Girafft's digital design and creative methods are of the highest quality. Website design is more than the face of a business; it is the market's perception of a firm. Creating digital solutions consistent with the personality and operational efforts of a company is where Girafft thrives and continues to grow in the industry.

Building a successful design demands the ability to visualize the overall goals within the specific industry of your business. Delivering products that makes an organization the leader in its segment while taking a strong position in the digital world.