agency overview:

At Girafft we have an extensive knowledge of industrial design, furniture design, and digital marketing. Based in Nashville, we have been continuously growing since our first day in business.

Girafft takes pride in our capability to adapt to clients' specific needs and desires to provide a customized and successful design development and marketing experience. Flexibility and constant attention to customer service ensures clients that their projects are on schedule and will be successful. Our offering of the finest technology and cutting edge marketing concepts is what will set your project apart from the competition.

Your success will come from our modern designs that create a powerful presence which will serve as the heart of your brand. We pledge to give you a first-rate product to compete with the best of the best in your industry.


Girafft's mission is to create customized solutions for all our clients that will keep them steps head of their competition. We are proud to offer all our clients comprehensive packages that will fit their budget and desires. The services and products provided by Girafft go above and beyond the typical standards in the design & development/marketing industries. We will use our expansive knowledge to develop products that precisely meet your needs.